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Meet your cofounder, build a startup & pitch to investors in 8-weeks

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Harvard-like case studies on

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What's inside?

5 weeks of live insightful sessions featuring successful founders (including YC alums). Simultaneously, apply the concepts and build your own startup.

In case you are not the tech guy, we'll build your first MVP for free. The top 3 teams will pitch their ideas to investors on the demo day.

We have an ~8% selection rate. All the best.

Featured Program - Xartup Fellowship

Over 40 companies
founded through

200+ Fellows
Over 200 Xartup fellows building
the next great wave of companies
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40+ companies
More than 40 companies founded by fellows in the past 6 months
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12+ investors
Assisted by top global mentors & investors 

Meet our Guest mentors

Wg Cdr Anish 
Cofounder of MyGate
Best community management solution
Zero to one Journey of MyGate
Arjun Vaidya
Ex-CEO Dr. Vaidya (acquired)
Forbes Asia 30U30
Building an Indian Brand

Xartup Fellowship Structure


Get your cofounder

From a pool of exceptional folks with complementary skills


Start building & selling from Day 0

$75,000 tech credits. No bullshit lectures. Real world case studies


Gain your first 100 users

Q&A sessions with YC alums, ex-founders on how to make it happen


Pivot to product market fit

Difficult but not impossible. The community will hold your hands


Pitch to investors

Top teams get to pitch VCs and angels

Fellowship Curriculum

On the weekends, keeping your work weeks uninterrupted

Week 0

18th Sep

2 hours

Kick-off Call

Peer group introduction over a 60 min programme kick-off call and giving a direction on how to think about ideas.

Case studies - Dunzo, Tinder, Netflix, Nike, Oyo

Week 1

19th Sep

4 hours

Meet your cofounder

Extensive peer group networking to dynamically meet all your cohort members and form your startup team. You will finalize your idea to work on by the end of this week.

Case studies - Meesho, Fampay, Postman

Week 2

26th Sep

4 hours

Build an MVP

Learn how to build a minimum viable product and experiment in a lean way.

Case studies - Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook, Product Hunt

Week 3

3rd Oct

4 hours

Building a brand

How to build a brand in India, from the messaging to brand qualities and attributes.

Case study - Indian D2C brands

Week 4

10th Oct

4 hours

Acquire first 100 users

Acquire your first 100 users and validate your idea with actual users. Having users will get you sleepless, trust us.


Case studies - Uber, Flipkart, Freshworks, Razorpay

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

11th Oct - 30th Oct

20 hours


Hustle to achieve product-market-fit taking user feedback. Figure out if your assumptions were correct. Gain maximum possible traction within 3 weeks span.

Consider it as a capstone, the top teams based on the traction will get a chance to pitch on the demo day.

Week 8

31st Oct (tentative)

1 hour

Investor day

Top 3 teams with exceptional metrics will pitch to venture capitalists & angel investors in India.

Investors - Angels, Angel networks and VCs

Don't join this fellowship

If you're willing to only invest money

The fellowship requires your time, effort & energy to make you a hardcore entrepreneur. Top 25% fellows spend 20 hrs in live learning and 40 hours in building and growing. Majority on weekends.

If you just want to talk about startups

We prefer doers over talkers. You have to get your hands dirty and build something people start using in these 8-weeks.

If you’re looking for “Startup Hacks”

This fellowship is about learning the tried and tested startup building
frameworks through Harvard like case study discussions and not about
shortcuts to success.


Meet our guest mentors

Arjun Vaidya
Arjun is the ex-CEO of Dr. Vaidya's Ayurveda which recently got India's biggest D2C exit to a conglomerate

He is featured under Forbes 30U30 and Business World 40U40
Rathin Shah
Rathin is the founder of YC funded Spenny, the quickest way to do spare change investing in India

Rathin is an Entrepreneur First alumni and ex-investemet banker at J.P. Morgan
Abhishek Kankani
Abhishek is the cofounder of Dyte, the zoom alternative for Indian startups funded by Y Combinator

Dyte recently got funding from Sequoia Surge
Ankush Singh
Ankush is the founder of YC funded mutual fund investment app Piggy,
the hat got funded by YC in its early days

He got an exit to Flipkart and he’s now
building neo-bank for India

Frequently asked questions

How do I join the fellowship program?
After applying for the fellowship, you’ll be screened through two 10 minute interview rounds - ability round and behavior round. Ability round tests your ability to build (either you’re a good coder) or sell (you’re a good business guy). Behavior round tests your agility and whether you fit into our cohort. Cohort starts from 6th June.
What do you look for in a Xartup fellowship aspirant?
We follow Y Combinator's ethos rigorously and prioritize building & selling. An ideal fellow would be extremely quick in testing their ideas and iterating logically if it fails. We'd choose fellows possessing exceptional logical and analytical thinking to solve a problem.
Why do you charge a fee?
After two rounds of vetting, we charge an acceptance fee to make sure the fellows we are admitting are serious about building a startup. The ROI depends on your efforts and it can be anywhere between 10x to 1000x. This way we make sure you'll get a cofounder who is actually dedicated about founding a company.
Can we raise investment through Xartup fellowship?
You will get $200,000 worth of credits to build your MVP from scratch. Though no one can promise you on this, if you’re agile enough to get traction and validate your idea, India’s top-notch investors will be looking forward to investing in you during the demo day.
Should I have an existing idea to join the fellowship?
It doesn’t matter at all for your application. Startups are all about team and execution. If you have an idea, that’s good. But, you will have to brainstorm with your cofounders from the upcoming cohort to arrive at a consensus as to which idea to pursue for the next 7 weeks.
What happens once I get selected?
If you seem to be a good fit for our upcoming cohort, you will get $200,000 worth of credits from on various technology products. You have confirmed your position by paying a nominal fee towards all the facilitation during the cohort. We charge a nominal acceptance fee as we seek fellows who are serious and dedicated to their work for the next 8 weeks.
What’s your refund policy?
We have a merit-based selection process which is why we have a strict no refund policy.
Can I reapply if I don’t get selected in this cohort?
We have a low selection rate of 8% due to our small cohort size, but we love the never-give-up attitude of founders and ensure you a wild card entry into our cohort if you consistently apply 5 times, even if you don’t pass the interviews. Agility and consistency are something we trust more than our interviews.

Our $100,000 credit global partners

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