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Xartup School

Why Xartup Accelerator?

We help in bringing the first round of investment to
founders from incubation to seed


This program is invite-only

Mojority of startups come from Fellowship

40+ Startups Founded
by Xartup School alumni

Xartup Fellowship is the community of Top 1% Founders

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Founders' First Principle

We facilitate the first capital round for your
venture without any upfront fees

2% Acceleration Equity

1 year fundraising assistance

Curated Mentoring

5 - 7 % Facilitation Fees

₹0 upfront fees

Access to Network

Selection Procedure

We pick startups incubated at Xartup Fellowship and invite a
selected few for an acceleration opportunity with us

Mojority of startups come from Fellowship

How do we help?

We give founders an unfair advantage
when they are ready to take a leap

Pitch to relevant investors

From a few to a few hundred customers

Raise your first round of funding

Access to Experts'

Guest Mentors

Honoured to have hosted India's top 1% CEOs

Dharamveer Chouhan

CEO, Zostel

Ex-CEO, Zo Rooms & Opoch

XARTUP (4).png

Anshul Rustaggi

Founder, Zionverse

Ex-CEO, Indospirit


Malhar Patil

Co-Founder, Flam

World's 1st Metaverse


Arman Sood

Founder, Sleepy Owl

Forbes 30U30

Copy of Z.png

Shashank Randev

Founding VC, 100X.VC

Investor, Randev Ventures


Sudhindra Subbarao

Founder, Stownest

Y Combinator S'21

Copy of Z (4).png

Nitthin Chandran

Founder, MedPiper

Y Combinator S'20

Copy of Z (2).png

Abhishek Kankani

Founder, Dyte

YC W'21, Sequoia Surge


Arjun Vaidya

Ex-CEO, Dr. Vaidya's

Forbes 30U30


Wg Cdr Anish

Founding Team, MyGate

Project Director, DRDO


Sarthak Goel

Co-Founder, Invoid

Y Combinator W'21

Copy of Z (1).png

Rathin Shah

Founder, Spenny

Y Combinator W'20


Rajiv Srivatsa

Partner, Antler

Ex-CEO, UrbanLadder


Ruhan Naqash

Co-Founder, MyCaptain

Forbes 30U30


Sandeep Mukherjee

Founder, BLive

Largest EV Aggregator

Copy of Z (3).png

Anish Basu Roy

Founder, TagZ 

Raised on Shark Tank 

Xartup Accelerator is run by startup founders who have
built what customers want
from scratch

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Experienced mentors for Founders

Founders are matched with seasoned group mentors who have mentored countless Xartup companies. The mentors possess extensive data on building successful startups, making them the most knowledgeable early-stage advisors. You can easily reach out to them via email, or on Slack.


Private social network for Founders

Xartup Accelerator offers a Private Social Network exclusively for founders, fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking within a trusted community. It's a supportive space for like-minded entrepreneurs to connect, exchange insights, and build relationships on their startup journey.


Networks to build your team

Leverage Xartup Accelerator's networks to assemble your ideal team. Gain access to a diverse talent pool, connect with industry experts, and utilize abundant resources for successful team building and hiring. Let our networks empower you in finding the right individuals.


The best written advice

Embrace failure as a stepping stone to success. Stay laser- focused on solving a real problem. Prioritize customer feedback and iterate relentlessly. Build a strong team, surround yourself with mentors, and never underestimate the power of networking. 


Investor Network

Xartup Accelerator boasts a robust Investor Network, connecting startups with a diverse group of experienced investors. This network offers valuable opportunities for seed funding, execution-centric action oriented mentorship, and industry connections. 


$500,00 Technical credits

Raise funding for growth, not for product. We bring your product development and scaling cost to $0. Xartup founders gain access to a wide range of exclusive deals from top software companies. Each Xartup company receives free credits worth $500,000.

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