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IIT Guwahati

Startup Quest by Xartup

win upto $6,000 credits


Last updated on 28th July

Winner at the end of every month will get $6,000 technical credits






3 simple steps to win



"Everything begins with an idea"


"Build a lean prototype"


"Gain your initial customers"

Frequently asked questions

How does this start-up quest work ?
The start-up quest consists of 3 stages: Idea, Product, and Traction. Interested participants need to fill up a form where they have to tell what their startup is all about and the problems they are solving with their startup. Then they need to submit the product they have designed. Also tell how many users they have and the feedback they have received from the users.
What is the purpose of the Start-up quest ?
 The purpose of the quest is to help young college entrepreneurs with server spaces to build their tech solution.
We are looking for startups in the idea/MVP stage which are tech-enabled in some way or the other.
What are the eligibility and acceptance requirements ?
We are looking for businesses that are beyond the conceptual stage and have a team committed to the vision. Applicants are selected based on their business idea, team member’s skills and background, and the team’s ability to execute.
Should I have an existing idea to join the fellowship?
It doesn’t matter at all for your application. Startups are all about team and execution. If you have an idea, that’s good. But, you will have to brainstorm with your cofounders from the upcoming cohort to arrive at a consensus as to which idea to pursue for the next 7 weeks.
What can I win ?

We’ll help 1 startup winning the Xartup Quest from your college with $6,000 credits.

Do I have to compete as a team or can I compete individually ?
It is totally up to you, one can compete individually or as a team. However, we recommend our contestants to team up, since two minds usually work better than one. If there is a team, one member from the team will be taking part in the quest.
How to participate ?
“Fill the apply now or Submit idea” form to participate and keep updating your progress with the “Submit MVP” and “Submit traction” button. We’ll be updating the leaderboard as per the data given by you.
How startups are going to be evaluated ?

The judgement criteria will be based on their progress - they will be filling 3 forms within a month (which are - Submit idea, Submit MVP and Submit Traction). We’ll go through the answers and keep the top 5 startups from your campus in our leaderboard. The winner on the last date of every month will be rewarded from Xartup.

When can I apply to join the competition ?
You can start applying from August 1.
Whom should I reach out if I have any questions ?
Please text Anmol on 8871-836781.

The montly winners will get $6,000 credits from

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