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Apple Expands its Footprint in India with Three New Stores

Asia-Pacific Accounts for Almost One-Third of Apple's $130 Billion Revenue in 2022

3 June 2023


Kunal Tyagi

India produced 3X more unicorns than China in 2022.png
  • Apple plans to open three more exclusive offline stores in India as part of its expansion strategy in the country.

  • The new stores will be located in Borivali, Mumbai (2025), DLF Promenade Mall in New Delhi (2026), and the Worli area of Mumbai (2027).

  • Apple's existing stores in Mumbai and Delhi are generating impressive monthly sales of around 22-25 crore each, surpassing other electronics stores in India.

Apple, the illustrious technology behemoth, is primed to fortify its footprint in the Indian market by unfurling the grandeur of three novel brick-and-mortar establishments. Following the triumphant inauguration of their maiden physical stores in prominent urban centers such as Mumbai and New Delhi, Apple's aspirations for expansion extend far beyond the borders of India. With unwavering determination, the company has set its sights on erecting an impressive array of fifteen additional retail outlets throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Apple's strategic roadmap encompasses the establishment of three distinctively curated stores in India, each to be unveiled at intervals that are uniquely timed. Currently immersed in discussions, the impending inauguration of the third store is projected for the year 2025, precisely nestled within the suburban realm of Borivali, a picturesque locale in the vibrant cityscape of Mumbai. Fast forward to 2026, Apple's ambitious aspirations will culminate in the opening of its fourth store, magnificently situated within the iconic DLF Promenade Mall in New Delhi, poised to claim the coveted title of the second-largest Apple store in the entire nation of India. Moreover, with an eye for scenic splendor, the year 2027 will witness the grand debut of Apple's fifth store, beautifully poised amidst the captivating charms of the Worli region, adorning the tapestry of Mumbai's landscape.

The remarkable surge in Apple's financial fortunes within the Indian market serves as a pivotal catalyst propelling its ambitious expansion endeavors. Compelling reports indicate that the prevailing Apple stores located in the bustling cities of Mumbai and Delhi yield a staggering monthly sales revenue ranging between 22-25 crore each. This awe-inspiring figure effortlessly eclipses the financial performance of any other electronics establishment in the entirety of India, underscoring the resolute consumer demand for Apple's coveted offerings. The convergence of premium pricing alongside the burgeoning rise of the middle-class segment within India synergistically fuels the remarkable fiscal triumph witnessed by Apple in this promising market.

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The significance of India for Apple's future has been repeatedly emphasized by its CEO, Tim Cook. During earnings calls, Cook has consistently conveyed his conviction that India is poised to emerge as a pivotal market and a vital production hub. Recognizing the dynamic and vibrant nature of the Indian market, Apple is strategically positioning itself to leverage the country's immense growth potential. The company's commitment to expanding its retail network is complemented by its concerted efforts to bolster India's position within its global supply chain through fruitful collaborations with manufacturing partners.

The initial triumph of Apple's inaugural duo of retail stores in Mumbai and Delhi has surpassed all expectations. These stores have achieved unprecedented feats, even surpassing the revenue generated by other electronics establishments in India during non-festive periods. Such resounding success has firmly solidified Apple's confidence in the Indian market, paving the way for further expansion and future prosperity.

The indispensability of India within Apple's global expansion strategy cannot be overstated. With nearly a third of Apple's revenue in 2022 originating from the Asia-Pacific region, India assumes a position of utmost strategic importance for the company. In addition to their plans for establishing additional stores within India, Apple is poised to unveil new outlets across other prominent regions, including China, Japan, Europe, and the UAE. This concerted focus on cultivating a robust presence in India aligns harmoniously with Apple's long-term vision of capitalizing on the country's vast potential as a major market and a pivotal center for production and innovation.

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