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Bengaluru: The Destination for Technology Talent in India

Why Bengaluru Attracts a Majority of Technology Talent: PhonePe Founder Sameer Nigam

9 February 2023


Kunal Tyagi

India produced 3X more unicorns than China in 2022.png
  • Bengaluru is a famous vacation spot for young intelligence looking for an easy location to stay and work.

  • With a rich history of IT giants like Wipro and Infosys placing up shops in the city, Bengaluru has become a hub for startups and innovation.

  • The city's full ecosystem, which consists of financial services and pinnacle talent in various fields, makes it alluring for both startup founders and employees.

Bengaluru, the capital city of Karnataka, has been attracting a large share of technological know-how talent in India for quite a few years now. PhonePe Founder, Sameer Nigam, used to be asked about this fashion for the duration of a CNN News18 city corridor on February 7, and he summed up Bengaluru's enchantment in three points. Despite its many challenges, like horrible visitors and infrastructural issues, Bengaluru is an inexpensive town with gorgeous weather and a thriving startup ecosystem that attracts younger talent.

The first purpose why Bengaluru is so attractive to the younger brain is its weather. Bengaluru is known for its quality climate, which is a huge draw for many people. According to Sameer Nigam, the PhonePe founder who commenced his employment in Bengaluru in 2015, this is one of the fundamental reasons why Bengaluru has turned out to be such a famous destination for younger talent.

The 2nd cause is the presence of a sturdy startup ecosystem. In the Nineteen Eighties and 1990s, IT giants like Wipro and Infosys set up their campuses in Bengaluru, attracting younger brains from across the country. As a result, Bengaluru has ended up a hub for startups and innovation, and today, it is home to a thriving startup ecosystem that attracts young talent.

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Young talent usually involves monetary migrants, and in Bengaluru, these young migrants have discovered no longer only awesome weather but also less costly housing. According to Nigam, Bengaluru has a better housing situation than Mumbai, which makes it greater affordable for young people. He explains that human beings working 50-60 hours a week want to be in a position to relax, and Bengaluru's low-priced housing scene makes this possible.

Finally, Bengaluru has managed to entice intelligence in exclusive fields over the years, and today, it has a full ecosystem that makes it pleasing to startup founders and personnel alike. When Flipkart was starting out in 2011, the city didn't have sufficient designers or product managers, and the economic services ecosystem was once non-existent. However, today, Bengaluru is domestic to some of the first-rate talent in the country, and according to Nigam, this is important for startups that want heaps of clever people to scale their operations.

In conclusion, Bengaluru's enchantment as a destination for young brains lies in its lower-priced price of living, high-quality weather, thriving startup ecosystem, and full ecosystem that supports the boom of startups. With all of these elements in place, it is convenient to see why Bengaluru continues to appeal to a lion's share of the technology brain in India.

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