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BYJU's Struggles to Reach Profitability as WhiteHat Jr. Comes Under Fire

BYJU's Struggles to Attain Profitability: What it Means for the Education Industry

23 February 2023


Kunal Tyagi

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  • BYJU'S may shut down WhiteHat Jr., a rendering platform it acquired for $300 million in 2020.  

  • Despite growing losses, BYJU'S is valued at $22 billion but has yet to reach profitability at the group position.  

  • The parent company is preparing to list Aakash, another accession, in an IPO in India. 

According to reports, the rendering platform WhiteHat Jr., which BYJU'S bought in 2020 for $300 million, may be shut down. Sources claim that there have been exchanges about doing relief of the WhiteHat Jr brand, which has entered harsh review in the history, at the loftiest situations of BYJU'S. Since WhiteHat Jr. noway took up the pace and generated plutocrats for the establishment, it presently has many hundred vacant positions nationwide, down from its peak of further than 8,000. The spokesman for BYJU'S clarified that the university is only being optimized for natural and effective growth and that there are no intentions to shut it down.   

BYJU'S recorded a stunning loss of Rs,690 crores for the financial time 2021, indeed though the company's costs rose to Rs,175 crores from Rs, 69.7 crores the former time. Over 1,000 of its workers, including preceptors who are employed on a contract base and aren't full-time workers, left the company in April and May of the former time. latterly, other WhiteHat Jr. workers were either asked to leave or transferred on their own. WhiteHat Jr. closed its academy's branch, which had aimed to give its rendering class to 10 lakh pupils by the launch of the following academic time.   

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Despite growing losses, BYJU'S, rearmost valuation was $22 billion, is still unfit to reach profitability at the group position. The establishment won't be suitable to fulfill its March 2023  schedule to attain group-position profitability, as anticipated in its results in October last time, despite having fired hundreds of staff to date and making greater cuts.  

This information is released as the parent establishment prepares to list Aakash as one of its other accessions in an original public immolation(IPO). Business Today was briefed by Gokulnath "We're working on listing it in India, where we'd like to. It has been on our to-do list for a while."   

In response to Business Today's inquiries, the pot refuted the allegations. They stated" We do not intend to shut down White Hat Junior in response to the particular query. We're only enhancing it for effective and natural growth. We're still  fully devoted to  furnishing top-notch educational  openings and services that enable  scholars to realize their stylish  eventuality."   

WhiteHat Jr, a company that specializes in tutoring programming, music, and computation to kiddies, has come under fire for its pushy marketing strategies. also, according to the most recent nonsupervisory forms, the establishment was the leading cause of BYJU'S losses in FY 2021

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