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BYJU'S Welcomes HR Luminary Richard Lobo to Elevate Employee Experience

BYJU'S Enlists Richard Lobo to Reshape HR Strategy

15 August 2023


Kunal Tyagi

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  • BYJU'S appoints HR veteran Richard Lobo as exclusive advisor for HR transformation.

  • Lobo's 23-year career at Infosys highlights his expertise in organizational change and HR leadership.

  • Amid challenges, Lobo aims to create an outstanding workplace, aligning with BYJU'S commitment to growth and employee welfare.

In a strategic move to revamp its human resources function, edtech giant BYJU'S has appointed Richard Lobo, a seasoned HR leader, as an exclusive advisor. This significant decision comes at a time when the company is navigating a challenging landscape characterized by funding constraints and governance concerns. Lobo's role will be pivotal in guiding BYJU'S management through organizational change and transformation, with the aim of creating an exceptional workplace for its employees.

Richard Lobo brings with him a wealth of experience from his distinguished 23-year career at Infosys, a major player in the IT industry. His extensive leadership roles at Infosys, culminating in his position as EVP and Head of Human Resources, underscore his expertise in the field. With this wealth of knowledge, Lobo's appointment marks a significant step forward for BYJU'S as it seeks to rejuvenate its HR practices and overall company culture.

Lobo's mission at BYJU'S is to drive organizational change and transformation, fostering an environment that nurtures and empowers employees. Amidst a backdrop of layoffs and office space reductions aimed at cost-cutting, Lobo's presence is set to bring renewed focus on workforce well-being. This move aligns perfectly with BYJU'S commitment to sustainable growth and a people-centric approach, as highlighted by the company's founders, Byju Raveendran and Divya Gokulnath.

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The founders' joint statement reflects the significance of Lobo's appointment, emphasizing his potential to enrich the work culture and ensure the welfare of team members remains central to decision-making. They emphasize the symbiotic relationship between merit and growth within the organization, asserting that Richard Lobo's involvement will pave the way for BYJU'S to evolve into a globally acclaimed workplace.

BYJU'S proactive approach to transforming its HR function is part of a broader strategy to address recent challenges. The addition of Lobo to their team follows the appointment of notable figures such as Rajnish Kumar, former chairperson of State Bank of India, and TV Mohandas Pai, former CFO and board member of Infosys, to the startup's Advisory Council. This renewed leadership signals a commitment to steering the company towards a prosperous future.

As BYJU'S continues to redefine the edtech landscape, the appointment of Richard Lobo sends a clear message: the company is dedicated to fostering a workplace that fosters growth, innovation, and excellence. With his wealth of experience and leadership, Lobo's role is poised to drive transformative change, solidifying BYJU'S position as a global market leader and a beacon of progressive HR practices in the industry.

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