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CoinDCX Eyes $100M AUM by 2025 with Exclusive Service for Top-Tier Investors

CoinDCX Sets $100 Million AUM Target with New Elite Crypto Service for HNIs

11 June 2024


Neelesh Bachani

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1. CoinDCX Prime is designed for investors committing Rs 50 Lakhs and above, offering personalized investment solutions and seasoned account managers.

2. It complements existing CoinDCX offerings like VIP program trading fee discounts and large order execution via the OTC desk, ensuring high-value investors receive premium services.

3. With over 1.5 crore Indian investors, 100 institutional investors, and 2,500+ HNI clients already onboarded, CoinDCX aims to achieve $100 million in AUM by 2025, driven by increasing demand from HNIs and institutional investors.

CoinDCX, a prominent player in the crypto investment sector, has set an ambitious goal to achieve $100 million in Assets Under Management (AUM) by 2025. The company has introduced CoinDCX Prime, a new service catering to the unique needs of High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNIs), family offices, and institutional investors to reach this target. Launched on June 6, this product is designed to offer personalized investment services, capitalizing on the significant inflows from these investor segments.


The CoinDCX Prime initiative targets investors ready to commit a substantial investment volume, specifically Rs 50 Lakhs and above. This exclusive service promises to deliver tailored investment solutions, managed by experienced key account managers. It represents an additional service layer complementing CoinDCX's existing offerings, such as trading fee discounts available through the VIP program and the facilitation of large order execution via their Over-The-Counter (OTC) desk.


Minal Thukral, the Head of Strategy and Growth at CoinDCX, highlighted the trust and confidence that Indian investors have placed in CoinDCX. He pointed out that over 1.5 crore Indian investors rely on CoinDCX for their crypto investment needs. Thukral expressed optimism about extending this trust to the HNI segment, noting that CoinDCX has already onboarded over 100 institutional investors and more than 2,500 HNI clients, along with serving over 25 family offices.


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The launch of CoinDCX Prime is a strategic move to meet the growing demand from HNIs and institutional investors. These investors are looking for more personalized and sophisticated investment solutions, which CoinDCX Prime aims to provide. The service will include dedicated support from seasoned key account managers who will help investors navigate the complexities of the crypto market.


CoinDCX's new offering is also positioned to leverage the existing infrastructure and benefits that the platform already provides. The VIP program, known for offering trading fee discounts, and the OTC desk, which handles large order executions, will continue to be integral parts of the investment experience for Prime members. This comprehensive approach ensures that high-value investors receive both personalized service and the advantages of CoinDCX's established features.


With the introduction of CoinDCX Prime, CoinDCX is not only aiming to enhance its service portfolio but also to significantly increase its AUM. By 2025, the company projects that it will reach $100 million in AUM, driven by the robust demand from HNIs and institutional investors. This ambitious target underscores CoinDCX's confidence in the growing crypto investment market and its ability to attract and retain high-value clients through innovative and tailored investment services

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