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Collaboration for success: PW and Utkarsh Classes team up to offer affordable education

The partnership of Physics Wallah and Utkarsh Classes to transform learning

28 February 2023


Kunal Tyagi

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  • A collaborative venture between PhysicsWallah and Utkarsh Courses has been developed to offer education that raises the cost of all exams and adds additional test categories in India.

  • In 32 towns where PhysicsWallah already has Vidyapeeths, Utkarsh Courses will expand government exam preparation and provide offline and online publications for kingdom government jobs.

  • By adding additional Vidyapeeths and expanding in all-India competitive test categories, PhysicsWallah will expand its reach. In addition, the two organisations will launch a new class called "Utkarsh Private Jobs" to help students be ready for their placements in the private sector.

A long-term deal was inked between ed-tech platform PhysicsWallah (PW) and Utkarsh Classes, an important educational institution in India with its headquarters in Jodhpur, to launch a collaborative mission. The partnership's goal is to provide training that covers costs for all exams, and the two companies intend to jointly enter additional test categories.

PW and Utkarsh Classes are renowned for offering inexpensive, high-quality instruction to college students in India. Through this cooperation, the two businesses plan to provide academic instruction and career options across a variety of fields to enhance students' learning results.

As part of the partnership, Utkarsh Classes will continue to lead the expansion of the government test to practice class and establish offline centers in 32 cities across India where PW has already established its offline centers, also known as Vidyapeeths, which help students prepare for the JEE and NEET. Utkarsh Courses will launch both offline and online courses in these places that are geared toward state authority employees.

By opening more Vidyapeeths and expanding its classrooms for competitive all-India exams, PW will enhance its presence. To help students prepare for their placements in the personal sector, PW and Utkarsh Courses will jointly create a new class named "Utkarsh Private Jobs."

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The collaborative effort will facilitate PW's ability to provide informational resources to Utkarsh Courses and result in co-branded educational items. PW will be able to increase its offline operations and strengthen a potent hybrid getting-to-know-you model thanks to Utkarsh Courses, which has been offering offline education for more than 20 years. Utkarsh Courses has expanded into a variety of check areas over the past two years, including defense, NEET-JEE, CLAT, CUET, and online instruction for kids in grades 6 through 12. Its main emphasis is on providing offline and online study materials for official exams.

PW and Utkarsh Courses each have more than 9.7 million subscribers on their respective primary YouTube channels, giving them both a significant internet presence. Also, the apps of each firm serve more than 1 crore students. The alliance will incur considerable additional costs as a result of the sharing of each company's excellent tutorial procedures. The firm's ability to better serve students across India and expand their learning experience would be made possible by the alliance.

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