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Cricket Art Takes the Field: Striker and Young Artists Bring IPL Heroes to Life as Digital Collectibles

Score Big with Striker's Cricket Art Collection: How Technology and Art Come Together to Create a New Fandom Experience"

28 March 2023


Abhisek Dash

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  • Striker partners with young artists to create cricket-themed digital game cards.

  • Blockchain technology verifies these digital artworks as NFTs, allowing players to earn real money.

  • This collaboration revolutionizes the way art is monetized and creates a new fan experience.

India is well known for its enthusiastic cricket fans, who are gearing up for the highly anticipated Indian Premier League (IPL). As the IPL returns for another season, fans can look forward to more entertainment and excitement. In recent times, technology and art have merged to create a unique trend known as "cricket art," which is becoming increasingly popular among younger generations. Fantasy sports, specifically fantasy cricket, has provided a new platform for budding artists to showcase their talent through game cards.

Striker, a digital sports collectibles gaming platform supported by esports company Mobile Premier League (MPL), has partnered with several young artists to produce a digital art series of game cards. The artists include Raaj Rufaro, Pakhi Verma, Midhundas KS, Vishnu Venu, Christhika Lakshmi, and Najeeb Thottungal. By blending art and technology, these artists have successfully created fan art featuring the heroes of cricket, which are now being used as game cards on the Striker platform.

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The use of blockchain technology to verify ownership of these non-fungible tokens (NFTs) allows players to sell them in the marketplace and earn real money. This partnership between Striker and young artists has opened up a new avenue for monetising art.

According to Najeeb Thottungal, who is one of the artists that collaborated with Striker, his experience was nothing short of incredible. Thottungal expressed that working with Striker was a tremendous learning opportunity for him, as he not only gained valuable insights into character anatomy, but also gained a deeper understanding of other critical aspects of illustration such as lighting, shadows, rendering, and materials."

This collaboration between Striker and young artists is a promising development in the world of cricket art.

These digital artworks have the potential to become art collectibles for cricket fans. Raaj Rufaro enthusiastically praised the idea of utilizing cricket art as game cards, stating that it is a brilliant concept that will not only empower artists like himself but also revolutionize the way art is monetized. It appears that cricket art is here to stay, and we can anticipate more such collaborations in the future as the IPL and the world of cricket continue to evolve.

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