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Edtech Dynamo Byju's, A Rollercoaster Ride from Peak Valuations to $1 Billion Battleground

Byju's Faces Fiscal Rollercoaster, Record Growth, Billion-Dollar Losses, and a Search for Funds

24 January 2024


Kunal Tyagi

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  • Byju's FY22 financial statements reveal a remarkable 2.2X surge in revenue, reaching Rs 5,015 crore, driven by diverse income streams, including a 56.8% increase in education product sales.

  • However, the company faces a significant setback with losses surging to Rs 8,245 crore, an 80.65% increase from the previous fiscal year, attributed to substantial growth in production costs, study material procurement, and employee benefits.

  • Byju's parent company seeks a financial lifeline through a $100 million rights issue, facing hesitancy from existing shareholders due to concerns about founder Byju Raveendran's control.

Edtech giant Byju's, known for its innovative learning solutions, recently released its audited financial statements for the fiscal year 2022, unveiling a significant 2.2X surge in revenue from operations. Despite the impressive revenue growth, the company faced a setback as losses widened to Rs 8,245 crore during the same period. Byju's consolidated financial statements, which include subsidiaries like Aakash Institute and entities such as WhiteHat Jr, Toppr, and others, showed a revenue spike from Rs 2,280 crore in FY21 to Rs 5,015 crore in FY22.

The core of Byju's earnings lies in the sale of education products, constituting 57% of total revenue, with a notable 56.8% increase to Rs 2,901 crore in FY22. The remaining income streams include course fees, streaming, and educational content services, along with non-operating income of Rs 283 crore from interest and gains on investments, resulting in a total income of Rs 5,298 crore in FY22.

However, the flip side reveals an 80.65% surge in losses, reaching Rs 8,245 crore in FY22. The expenditure side witnessed significant growth, with production costs, study material procurement, and employee benefits contributing to a total burn of Rs 13,668 crore, marking a 94.51% increase from FY21.

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Despite the financial challenges, Byju's parent company, Think & Learn Pvt Ltd, is currently seeking a financial lifeline through a rights issue, aiming to raise $100 million. Existing shareholders, however, are hesitant due to uncertainties surrounding the company's management, with concerns about founder Byju Raveendran's day-to-day control over operations. Byju's valuation, once at a peak of $22 billion, has now reportedly fallen to about $1 billion.

The company faces additional hurdles, including a $1.2 billion term loan negotiation with lenders and the need to clear debt by selling subsidiaries like Epic and Great Learning. Byju's auditors have raised concerns about the term loan, citing 'material uncertainty,' and the company is in the process of arranging necessary funding through asset sales.

As Byju's navigates through its financial challenges, the edtech giant has experienced operational shifts, including significant downsizing of WhiteHat Jr, staff layoffs, and restructuring in its top ranks. The company's audited financials for FY23 are still pending, adding to the complexity of its current financial situation and potential fundraising efforts.

In conclusion, Byju's impressive revenue growth is overshadowed by widening losses and the urgent need for funds. The company's financial struggles reflect broader challenges in the edtech sector, where funding uncertainties and operational adjustments have become increasingly common.

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