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Elon Musk's X Factor, Twitter's New Logo Sparks Debate

Farewell Larry, Twitter's Iconic Blue Bird Makes Way for X

24 July 2023


Kunal Tyagi

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  • Twitter, founded in 2006, is known for its iconic blue bird logo named "Larry," symbolizing connection and concise communication.

  • Elon Musk, Twitter's boss, announced a rebranding plan, replacing the blue bird with an X logo due to slow advertiser returns and declining revenue.

  • The new X logo marks a fresh start for Twitter, sparking mixed reactions among users and signifying the company's ambition to transform communication and become a "super app."

Twitter, the social media giant founded in 2006, has long been associated with its iconic blue bird logo. The bird, affectionately known as "Larry," has been a symbol of the platform's mission to connect people through the art of concise chattering, much like birds do. However, in a recent announcement, Twitter's boss Elon Musk revealed a rebranding plan that will replace the beloved blue bird with a bold new logo—an X. This change comes in light of slow advertiser returns and a decline in advertising revenue, prompting the company to chart a new course for its future.

The blue bird logo, introduced in 2012 by Twitter's former creative director Doug Bowman, has been synonymous with the platform since its inception. It represented freedom, hope, and limitless possibilities, with its beak and body pointing towards the sky. The bird's design was inspired by the mountain bluebird and hummingbird, bringing together elements that embodied the spirit of the platform.

Originally named "Larry the Bird" after a tribute to the Boston Celtics legend, the logo underwent various iterations over the years. The first Larry, created by British graphic designer Simon Oxley, was a slender, serene bird perched on a branch. However, Twitter had to part ways with this design due to copyright restrictions on using iStock images as official logos. In 2009, Twitter's founder Biz Stone, also known as Christopher Isaac, collaborated with designer Philip Pascuzzo to develop an in-house bird logo. This design was later streamlined by Doug Bowman into the familiar blue bird we know today.

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Elon Musk's decision to rebrand Twitter with an X logo has garnered mixed reactions. While some view it as a fresh start and an opportunity to appeal to a new user base, others see it as a departure from the platform's cherished identity. Musk, in his Sunday post, sought input from Twitter's millions of followers, even asking if the site's color scheme should shift from blue to black. He emphasized the need for change and transformation in the company's journey forward.

During Musk's tenure as Twitter's owner, the company underwent significant changes, including a name change to X Corp, reflecting his ambition to create a "super app" similar to China's WeChat. In April, the blue bird temporarily made way for Dogecoin's Shiba Inu dog as the logo, contributing to a surge in the cryptocurrency's value. Moreover, a recent decision to limit the number of daily tweets per account stirred criticism from users and marketing professionals alike.

As Twitter bids farewell to its classic blue bird, it embarks on a new chapter under the leadership of CEO Linda Yaccarino. The platform's vision remains the same—to transform the global town square and revolutionize communication. While the change may take some getting used to, it signifies a commitment to evolving and adapting in an ever-changing digital landscape. As Twitter turns the page to the X era, it remains to be seen how this bold move will shape the platform's future and capture the hearts of its users once more.

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