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Exposed and Vulnerable: Yes Madam's Security Lapse Puts Customer Data at Risk

Lessons from Yes Madam, Importance of Data Security for Businesses

4 March 2023


Kunal Tyagi

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  • Indian startup for a home salon Indeed, Madam, a server-side misconfiguration exposed private consumer and gig worker information.

  • The database, which contained personal data such as complete names, cellphone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, and location information, had been left linked to the internet without a password at least since February 20.

  • This event emphasizes the need to properly safeguard databases and put in place strong security procedures to safeguard client information.

Facts safety has become a crucial concern for any firm in the modern digital environment. Sadly, a recent incident affecting the Noida-based firm Yes Madam has brought to light the need for businesses to take record security seriously. A server-side misconfiguration at the firm, which provides at-home salon services, is said to have exposed the sensitive information of its customers and gig workers.

Anurag Sen, a security researcher, reportedly found a database that had the sensitive information of hundreds of consumers that had reportedly been kept online without a password since at least February 20. According to reports, the exposed database included users' complete names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and physical addresses in addition to certain local information like latitude and longitude values, user system information, and charge connections. Also, it is claimed that Yes Madam discovered the profile pictures, names, and mobile numbers of gig workers for the platform.

According to reports, the database had information entries from more than 900,000 people, and anybody with the IP address of the database had access to the statistics using only a web browser. The event emphasizes the need to properly safeguard databases that contain sensitive data. Businesses must make sure they have excellent security procedures in place to prevent illegal access to sensitive data. Failing to do so may cause significant harm to individuals as well as damage to a company's brand.

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Indeed, there have been different reactions to the situation. After being notified by TechCrunch on March 3, the firm protected the database; however, it is unclear if the organization had the technological capacity to determine whether or not the disclosed data had already been seen by anybody else. The occurrence should result in severe repercussions for the business, including potential legal action and loss of consumer confidence.

This event serves as a reminder that information security is not simply an IT problem but also a business concern. To secure the data of their clients, businesses must take fact protection seriously and put in place strong security measures. Investments in security technology, such as encryption and access restrictions, as well as the development of effective policies and procedures for information management and incident response, are essential.

Also, organizations should make sure that their staff has received training on facts, safety best practices, and the significance of securing sensitive data. Regular safety audits and assessments are also necessary to identify any potential weaknesses and take immediate action.

The Yes Madam event also emphasizes the necessity of regulatory supervision, factual enforcement, and safety procedures. Governments should ensure that businesses are held accountable for data breaches and that severe consequences are in place for non-compliance. This covers penalties, criminal charges, and reputational harm.

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