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From Entrepreneur to Politician: Ashneer Grover's Next Move

Ex-Shark Ashneer Grover sets sights on the government in the newly revealed plan

4 January 2023


Divya Patani

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  • Ashneer stated that he wants to become a minister and participate in nation-

    building, and sees politics as the only way to achieve this goal.

  • He stated that his previous experiences with "murkiness" in life have prepared

    him for a career in politics, and he is not afraid to take on the challenge.

  • Ashneer Grover's transition from business to government was an unexpected


Ashneer Grover, a former Shark Tank India personality, has announced his intention to join politics, saying that the transition from his current career may happen soon.

He said that he wants to ‘become a minister’ or participate ‘in nation-building’, and that politics seems to be the only route towards that.

Ashneer Grover has the necessary qualities to become an influential political figure: wealth, popularity, brashness, and even a lawsuit.

These traits, along with cheeky dialogues and the ability to handle criticism, are essential for anyone looking to enter politics and become a successful leader.

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Ashneer, who became a household name after the successful first season of Shark Tank India, did not return for the show second season. While he did not specify the reasons for his decision, he mentioned in a recent interview that he dominated; the first season.

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Grover, who appeared on The Ranveer Show podcast, stated that his youth should not disqualify him from pursuing a career in politics, citing UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak as an example. He argued that if people can appreciate his successes, they should also support his decision to enter politics.

Asked if he feels ‘satisfied’ by what he has achieved in his career so far, Ashneer said, “Ambition can’t be satisfied, it’s a trait. I want to level up next, and want to become a minister.

I’m settled in my personal life, I’m financially stable, I have fame, I’ve set up businesses, I need to do something greater next. And I want to leave behind an impact. And eventually, politics is the only route to achieving that.”

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