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From Personal Struggle to National Impact: Jaagruk Bharat's Mission to Empower 100 Million Indians

Jaagruk Bharat Secures $2.4M Pre-Seed Funding, Pioneers Simplified Access to Government Schemes

3 June 2024


Neelesh Bachani

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1. Jaagruk Bharat, valued at 2.4 million USD post-pre-seed funding, aims to empower 100 million Indians by simplifying access to government schemes and policies, ensuring citizens can easily navigate and benefit from available resources.


2. Developed by co-founder Akshit's struggle with accessing information, Jaagruk Bharat was founded to streamline understanding of complex government regulations, providing a user-friendly platform offering personalized guidance and AI-powered assistance.


3. Co-founders Abhishek and Akshit lead Jaagruk Bharat with a mission to create an equitable society by leveraging technology to make government processes transparent and accessible, fostering community development and individual growth.

Jaagruk Bharat, a mission-driven venture, is proud to announce the successful closure of its pre-seed funding round, valuing the start-up at an impressive 2.4 million USD. This achievement is a testimony to investor confidence in the transformative vision of Jaagruk Bharat and the pressing demand for a platform to bridge the information gap by simplifying their access to government schemes and policies covering all major categories like finance, health, education, travel, and so on.

However, the story of Jaagruk Bharat is not just about numbers and valuations. Its inception was sparked by a personal agony which later evolved into a journey to empower millions. Co-founder and CMO, Akshit, battling a rare disease, embarked on a quest for information. He scoured the depths of Google, seeking policies or guidelines that could alleviate his challenges. However, after countless hours of exhaustive research and browsing through hundreds of websites, he was frustrated and disheartened by the lack of accessible information. Recognizing this extensive struggle in India, a country teeming with policies designed to benefit its population, he envisioned a solution: a platform that could streamline access to these policies, rules, and regulations for every individual's benefit. Thus, "Jaagruk Bharat" was born, a platform dedicated to empowering every Indian.

Co-Founder and CEO, Abhishek, a graduate of IIT, Kharagpur, and The University of Texas at Austin, renounced his rewarding corporate life to join Jaagruk Bharat's mission to equip 100 million Indian citizens with accurate and simplified information in their language, which can unlock new opportunities and actively contribute to community development. The platform aims to achieve this by leveraging technology to simplify complex government processes, making them accessible and understandable.

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Through its user-friendly interface and comprehensive database, Jaagruk Bharat plans to empower Indian citizens to navigate the governmental landscape effortlessly. In future phases, the platform will offer personalized recommendations and step-by-step guidance, ensuring that every Indian can access the resources and benefits they are entitled to, fostering a more equitable and inclusive society. Through its AI-powered chatbot and agency feature, it goes one step further and acts as a consumer companion to help them avail their benefits.

This significant accomplishment is a testament to the unwavering commitment of the Jaagruk Bharat team and the innovative approach they have embraced, managing to secure this funding within just two months of starting. Furthermore, Jaagruk Bharat is the first private company to aggregate information on government schemes and policies on a single platform. Co-founder Abhishek Goel shared his exhilaration about this milestone: "Jaagruk Bharat is more than just a business; it's a mission to empower every Indian with knowledge about their rights and access to various government schemes and policies. We aim to ensure that everyone can benefit from the resources available, fostering a more informed and empowered society."

As Jaagruk Bharat continues to evolve, it remains a beacon of how technology and entrepreneurship can create a more equitable and informed society that empowers every citizen to thrive and contribute to the nation's collective progress.


"Abhishek and Akshit are not just entrepreneurs; they are visionaries on a mission to bridge the information divide. Their dedication to simplifying complex government processes and empowering Indian citizens with knowledge is truly inspiring. I believe Jaagruk Bharat has the potential to transform the way Indians interact with their government and unlock countless opportunities for growth and development." - Dr. Vivek Manoharan, PhD, Advisor, Jaagruk Bharat.


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