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I am What I am Because of IIT Bombay, Infosys Co-founder Nandan Nilekani's Heartfelt Tribute

Nandan Nilekani Honored at IIT Bombay's Iconic Main Building Dedication

26 July 2023


Kunal Tyagi

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  • Nandan Nilekani, the Infosys co-founder, visited IIT Bombay to mark 50 years since he joined the institute, expressing gratitude for his achievements linked to the education received there.

  • IIT Bombay honored Nilekani's service and support by naming its main building as the "Nandan Nilekani Main Building" during a special felicitation ceremony.

  • Nilekani's philanthropy includes a significant donation of Rs 315 crore, making him one of the top alumni donors in India, totaling Rs 400 crore, empowering future generations of students at IIT Bombay.

Nandan Nilekani, the co-founder of Infosys, recently visited his alma mater, IIT Bombay, and expressed his deep gratitude towards the institute, attributing all his achievements to the education he received there. This visit held immense significance as it marked exactly 50 years since Nilekani first set foot on the prestigious campus. In a heartfelt tweet, he shared his emotions about the visit and expressed his confidence in IIT Bombay's journey towards becoming one of the world's best educational institutions.

In recognition of Nandan Nilekani's extraordinary service and support to the institute, IIT Bombay made a historic announcement during the felicitation ceremony. The institute proudly named its iconic main building after him, now christened as the "Nandan Nilekani Main Building." The ceremony was a special tribute to Nilekani, celebrating 65 years of IIT Bombay's relentless pursuit of academic excellence.

Nilekani's association with IIT Bombay goes beyond sentimental value; he has made a profound impact through his philanthropy. His remarkable contribution of Rs 315 crore is one of the largest donations ever made by an alumnus in India. When combined with his previous grants of Rs 85 crore, Nilekani's total commitment to his alma mater stands at an impressive Rs 400 crore. This financial support is set to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the institute and empowering generations of students.

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Having graduated with a Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from IIT Bombay in 1973, Nilekani's deep-rooted connection to the institution is evident. He spoke fondly of how IIT Bombay had been a cornerstone in his life, laying the foundation for his illustrious journey. As he celebrated half a century of his association with the esteemed institution, Nilekani expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to give back and contribute to its continued success.

The decision to dedicate the main building to Nandan Nilekani was a testament to his esteemed service and philanthropic spirit. The recognition came as a result of the Institute's Board of Governors' thoughtful deliberation and acknowledgment of Nilekani's significant contributions. At the unveiling ceremony, Nilekani expressed his deep appreciation for the honor, thanking the entire IIT Bombay community, including its alumni, for making his philanthropic journey possible.

Nandan Nilekani's generous donation will undoubtedly have a far-reaching impact on IIT Bombay, inspiring generations of students who pass through the iconic building. As the institute continues to improve its infrastructure and academic offerings, Nilekani's legacy will continue to nurture bright minds and foster a better tomorrow for India and the world.

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