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Infosys Ends Work-from-Home Option for US and Canadian Employees, Requires Special Permission

Infosys Implements Strict Work-from-Home Rules

17 June 2023


Kunal Tyagi

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  • Infosys has made an official announcement regarding the termination of the work-from-home option for its employees based in the United States and Canada. 

  • As per the new guidelines, employees will now need to obtain special permission in order to work remotely. For individuals on the US payroll who wish to work while traveling abroad, seeking prior authorization is mandatory. 

  • They are required to provide their residential address when submitting work-from-home requests. It is important to note that this policy change does not impact employees in India, as the company has introduced a phased plan for their gradual return to the office.

In a recent internal communication, Infosys, the IT services company headquartered in Bengaluru, made an announcement regarding a change in its work policy for employees in the United States and Canada. Henceforth, these employees will no longer have the freedom to work from the comfort of their homes. Instead, they will be obliged to obtain special authorization if they wish to engage in remote work. Failure to comply with this revised rule may result in disciplinary measures. With a workforce exceeding 30,000 individuals in the United States and Canada, this policy alteration signifies a significant departure from the previous work arrangements.

Elaborating on the Policy Change:

As per the internal communication, employees on the payroll in the United States are required to acquire special consent if they intend to work while being outside the country. Furthermore, employees need to furnish their residential address when applying for work-from-home privileges. Infosys has clearly communicated that the work-from-home option is not an enduring guarantee, indicating a more structured and regulated approach to remote work moving forward.

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Diverging Guidelines in India:

While the revised policy impacts employees in the United States and Canada, it does not currently apply to those based in India. Infosys introduced a phased plan in November for employees in India to gradually transition back to office-based work. The initial phase permitted employees to work in the office twice a week, with subsequent phases offering increased flexibility and the opportunity for relocation. The implementation of this plan is still in its nascent stages within the company.

The perspective of the CEO:

Infosys CEO Salil Parekh had previously expressed a flexible stance on remote work. However, the recent policy modification signifies a shift in the company's strategic outlook. The announcement comes merely a month after Parekh's statement, underscoring the dynamic nature of remote work policies in response to evolving circumstances.

The viewpoint of the Co-founder:

Earlier this year, Narayana Murthy, one of the co-founders of Infosys, shared his perspective on remote work. He cautioned against falling into the trap of excessive reliance on remote work, emphasizing the significance of ethical considerations and discouraging laziness. Murthy encouraged younger employees to maintain a balanced approach to work, advising against excessive dependence on work-from-home arrangements.

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