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Infosys Joins Elite Ranks, 64th Place in TIME's World's Best Companies List

Infosys, A Beacon of Sustainability and Success in TIME's Prestigious Ranking

15 September 2023


Kunal Tyagi

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  • Infosys ranks 64th in TIME Magazine's top 100 World's Best Companies of 2023, alongside global tech giants like Microsoft and Apple.

  • The ranking is based on a holistic assessment, including revenue growth, employee satisfaction, and environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) data.

  • Tech companies like Infosys stand out due to lower carbon emissions, employee happiness, and commitment to social governance principles, outshining traditional sectors.

In a remarkable achievement for the Indian IT sector, Infosys Ltd has secured its place in the prestigious top 100 list of the World's Best Companies of 2023, as recognized by TIME Magazine and the online data platform Statista. Infosys stands tall at the 64th position, sharing the limelight with global tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, Alphabet, and Meta Platforms.

This accolade reflects the culmination of a comprehensive evaluation process conducted by TIME and Statista, wherein they meticulously considered various aspects of corporate performance. The rankings were determined based on revenue growth, employee satisfaction surveys, and an extensive assessment of environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) data. This holistic approach revealed that the dynamic tech and business services sector is now leading the global economic landscape, surpassing the traditional manufacturing and consumer goods companies.

One notable factor contributing to the success of tech companies like Infosys is their significantly lower carbon emissions compared to industries with extensive physical footprints such as airlines and manufacturing. Furthermore, their employees have expressed high levels of satisfaction, which played a pivotal role in their ranking. These tech giants have not only achieved substantial financial growth over the past three years but have also committed to vital social governance principles like emissions reduction and the inclusion of more women in board positions.

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Apart from Infosys, seven other Indian companies were featured in TIME's elite list of 750 world-changing companies. Wipro Ltd secured the 174th spot, followed by Mahindra Group at 210th, Reliance Industries Ltd at 248th, HCL Technologies Ltd at 262nd, HDFC Bank at 418th, WNS Global Services at 596th, and ITC Ltd at 672nd.

Infosys further solidified its global standing by being recognized among the top three professional services companies globally. With its inception in 1981, Infosys, founded by seven engineers, has evolved into the second-largest Indian IT company by 2020 revenue figures, employing an impressive workforce of over 300,000 professionals worldwide.

The TIME list's selection criteria, comprising employee satisfaction, revenue growth, and sustainability (ESG), underscore Infosys' prowess in not just these areas but also its commitment to excellence. In this elite group of top-performing companies, Infosys shares the spotlight with renowned professional services firms like Accenture and Deloitte, securing its position as a leading player in the global business landscape.

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