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Japam Revolutionizes the Indian Spiritual Market with Modern Designs and Authentic Products

From 200 to 1,200 Daily Orders: How Japam is Transforming Spiritual Tech in India

18 May 2024


Neelesh Bachani

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1.      Japam distinguishes itself in the spiritual market by offering uniquely designed Rudraksha wearables and other spiritual items that appeal specifically to young professionals aged 25 to 45. This focus on modern, office-friendly designs sets it apart from traditional competitors, catering to a demographic seeking spirituality and contemporary style.

2.      Japam strongly emphasizes the authenticity of its products, implementing rigorous lab testing and stringent vendor requirements to ensure the originality of its Rudraksha. This commitment to quality has built significant trust among consumers in a market where counterfeit products are common.

3.      Leveraging a micro-influencer network and tying product launches to Indian festivals, Japam has effectively enhanced its brand visibility and sales. The company’s expansion onto major e-commerce platforms like Amazon and plans to enter the offline retail space underscore its strategic approach to growth and market penetration.

The Indian religious and spiritual market has become a lucrative industry, valued at $58.56 billion in 2023, and expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10% until 2032. This growth has spurred the rise of the spiritual tech ecosystem, with companies like AstroTalk, AppsForBharat, Sri Mandir, TempleConnect, Guruji, and AstroBuddy leading the way. Among these, the Mohali-based startup Japam has made a significant impact. Initially, Japam sold Rudraksha wearables such as bracelets and malas on its website but has since expanded to offer a range of products including gold-plated jewelry, idols, and wall hangings. The company claims to have served 300,000 customers and currently serves 35,000 monthly, with annual revenues exceeding INR 30 crore.


Japam was founded in December 2022 by Chakrabarti, who has a rich background in performance marketing. Before Japam, Chakrabarti founded an internet marketing startup, MarkAce Marketing, in 2009 and later established an e-commerce community, Flying Start Online, in 2017. He also launched an online hair color brand, Common Panda, targeting the US market. These ventures honed Chakrabarti's skills in identifying market gaps and leveraging digital marketing, setting the stage for Japam's success.


Japam's growth trajectory has been notable, with daily orders rising from 200 in early 2023 to 1,200, and an average order value of INR 700. Chakrabarti attributes this success to the unique design of Japam’s products, specifically tailored to appeal to office-goers aged 25 to 45. Unlike traditional designs dominating the market, Japam introduced innovative designs that resonated with this demographic, which played a crucial role in driving their business.

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A key aspect of Japam's strategy is ensuring the authenticity of its Rudraksha products. The startup has implemented a rigorous lab testing process and stringent vendor requirements to guarantee the originality of its offerings. This focus on authenticity has helped Japam build trust among its customers in a market often flooded with counterfeit products. Additionally, Japam leverages a network of micro-influencers who create educational content about their products, further boosting customer confidence and brand awareness.


Japam’s marketing efforts are also closely tied to Indian festivals, where they launch unique products tailored to these events. For example, during Rakshabandhan 2023, Japam introduced 'Rudraksha Ki Rakhi', which was heavily promoted by their micro-influencers, setting a new trend for the festival. This strategy has significantly enhanced their online presence and sales. Japam has recently expanded its online footprint by listing its products on major e-commerce platforms like Amazon, where it has quickly become one of the top-searched brands.


Looking ahead, Japam plans to deepen its online presence further and is exploring opportunities to list its products on platforms like Myntra, Zepto, and Blinkit. The startup is also preparing to enter the offline retail space, though it aims to solidify its online brand identity first. To support these expansion plans, Japam is in the process of closing a seed funding round of INR 12 crore, which will be used to enhance its product portfolio, boost its online presence, and eventually establish an offline presence. The startup’s future looks promising as it continues to ride the wave of growing interest in spirituality among Indian consumers.

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