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Jio's Satellite Gigabit Revolution, Nearing Approval for Connectivity Breakthrough

Jio's Satellite Gigabit Fibre Service Set to Redefine India's Internet Landscape

2 January 2024


Kunal Tyagi

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  • Jio is set to introduce satellite-based gigabit fibre services in India, awaiting landing rights and market access authorizations from IN-SPACe.

  • The company's commitment to bridging the digital divide is evident through its JioSpaceFiber, connecting remote regions, and plans to offer nationwide giga-fibre services at cost-effective rates.

  • Reliance Jio's impact on the telecom sector is underscored by TRAI's report of adding 3.4 million wireless subscribers in September 2023, contributing to a total of 1.04 billion active wireless subscribers.

Reliance Jio, one of India's telecommunications giants, is poised to revolutionize the country's internet connectivity with its satellite-based gigabit fibre services. Recent reports suggest that the company is on the verge of receiving landing rights and market access authorizations from the Indian National Space Promotion and Authorisation Centre (IN-SPACe), a crucial step for deploying global satellite bandwidth capacity in India.

The intricate process involves approvals from various ministries, and while IN-SPACe's chairman, Pawan Goenka, refrained from commenting on specific companies, he acknowledged that several applications for authorizations are in the pipeline. This development aligns with Jio's commitment to enhancing connectivity in challenging-to-reach regions, as demonstrated by the introduction of JioSpaceFiber, India's first satellite-based giga-fibre service, in October of the previous year.

During the India Mobile Congress, Reliance outlined its plans to make the giga-fibre service accessible nationwide at cost-effective rates. The service has already connected remote locations like Gir in Gujarat, Korba in Chhattisgarh, Nabarangpur in Odisha, and ONGC-Jorhat in Assam, showcasing its potential to bridge the digital divide in India.

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In addition to these groundbreaking initiatives, Reliance Jio has continued to assert its dominance in the telecom sector. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) reported a substantial growth in wireless subscribers, with Reliance Jio adding 3.4 million subscribers in September 2023. This surge contributed to the overall increase in total wireless telecom subscribers, reaching a staggering 1.04 billion active subscribers in September.

Not stopping at revolutionizing internet connectivity, Reliance Jio is actively contributing to the advancement of 5G technology in India. The company launched the Jio True 5G Developer Platform and the Jio 5G Lab to foster innovation and development of 5G use cases. By enabling startups and enterprises to leverage its 5G network, Jio aims to play a pivotal role in expanding 5G availability across the country.

In conclusion, Reliance Jio's pursuit of landing rights and market access authorizations for its satellite-based gigabit fibre services marks a significant step towards transforming India's connectivity landscape. With its commitment to widespread accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and innovative contributions to 5G development, Reliance Jio is poised to shape the future of telecommunications in India.

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