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NVIDIA's Jensen Huang Envisions India as an AI Export Powerhouse

India's AI Sovereignty Gets a Boost from NVIDIA's CEO

9 September 2023


Kunal Tyagi

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  • Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, supports India's sovereignty over its AI capabilities due to its unique national needs, including data processing for national security.

  • Similar to IBM's CEO Arvind Krishna, Huang believes that India should develop sovereign AI capabilities, potentially by establishing a national AI computing center, to meet its specific requirements.

  • During his visit to India, Huang committed to boosting AI infrastructure development, upskilling engineers, and forming partnerships with Indian companies. He sees India as having the potential to become the world's largest exporter of AI expertise, aligning with India's goal of becoming a global AI powerhouse.

In a recent visit to India, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang expressed his wholehearted support for the idea of India having sovereignty over its AI capabilities. Huang's endorsement of this concept stems from his recognition of India's unique sovereign needs. He emphasized that India possesses vast amounts of data that it needs to process for various purposes, including national security. Furthermore, India's need to advance its AI infrastructure goes beyond profitability, making it akin to essential utilities like the power grid or road infrastructure.

During his visit, Huang had the opportunity to meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, although he clarified that the topic of AI sovereignty did not come up in their discussions. However, he anticipated that it would naturally become a focal point in India's AI journey. This stance aligns with the viewpoint of IBM's CEO, Arvind Krishna, who has emphasized the importance of India developing sovereign capabilities in AI.

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Krishna had previously urged India to consider establishing a national AI computing center, emphasizing that India might want to leverage AI for purposes that may not align with global interests or where the country wishes to maintain control and confidentiality. The idea is to empower both the government and private companies to utilize AI uniquely suited to India's needs.

During his visit, Huang made commitments to support India's AI growth. He expressed NVIDIA's interest in accelerating the development of AI infrastructure in the country and investing in upskilling engineers. Additionally, the company is keen on forming partnerships with Indian businesses to enhance the IT workforce, with the goal of creating the world's largest AI workforce within India.

Huang went on to highlight the potential for India to become a major exporter of AI expertise, surpassing any other country globally. This vision aligns with India's aspirations to establish itself as a global AI powerhouse. As part of this commitment, NVIDIA announced partnerships with major Indian conglomerates, such as Reliance and the Tata Group, on August 8th.

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