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Sequoia Capital Parts Ways with 10.18 percent Stake in Go Fashion

Sequoia Capital's Stake Sale Sends Ripples Through the Indian Fashion Industry

12 June 2023


Kunal Tyagi

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  • Venture capital firm Sequoia Capital plans to sell its entire 10.18% stake in Go Fashion, the parent company of Go Colors, through a block deal.

  • The stake sale will be conducted at a floor price of Rs 1,135 per share, representing a 5% discount from the previous closing price.

  • Sequoia Capital's decision to divest its stake in Go Fashion follows its recent split into separate entities for China and India/Southeast Asia, indicating a realignment of its investment strategy and portfolio management.

Venture capital entity Sequoia Capital intends to sell off its entire 10.18% ownership stake in Go Fashion, the parent organization of the renowned Indian clothing brand, Go Colors. Executed through a block deal, the stake will be disposed of at a floor price of Rs 1,135 per share, representing a 5% markdown from the preceding closing price. The estimated value of the transaction is approximately Rs 625 crore. This strategic maneuver follows closely on the heels of Sequoia Capital's resolution to divide its operations in China and India/Southeast Asia into two autonomous entities. In this blog post, we will delve into the ramifications of this divestment for both Sequoia Capital and Go Fashion.

Sequoia Capital has long been a prominent investor in India's burgeoning startup ecosystem, providing support to successful ventures like Zomato and Pine Labs. However, the recent decision to liquidate its stake in Go Fashion signifies a departure from the firm's established investment strategy. This move is likely a consequence of Sequoia Capital's choice to partition its businesses and subsequently realign its portfolio. By divesting, the firm can effectively unlock capital and allocate resources with greater efficiency toward its other investments.

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Go Fashion, as the parent company of Go Colors, will undoubtedly be impacted by Sequoia Capital's stake sale. As a significant stakeholder, the divestment by Sequoia Capital has the potential to influence Go Fashion's future growth prospects. Nevertheless, the company has demonstrated resilience and upward momentum in recent quarters. Notably, Go Fashion achieved a 20% increase in net profit and a remarkable 34% surge in total income for the quarter ending in March 2023. This noteworthy performance underscores Go Fashion's ability to thrive in a competitive market landscape. It will be intriguing to observe how to Go Fashion manages this transition of ownership while maintaining its growth trajectory.

Sequoia Capital's strategic decision to divide its operations between China, India, and Southeast Asia is indicative of its commitment to efficiently managing its extensive portfolio. The establishment of Peak XV as an independent entity dedicated to the India and Southeast Asia region, armed with assets totaling $9.2 billion, exemplifies Sequoia Capital's unwavering dedication to nurturing the startup ecosystem within this area. Peak XV assumes the responsibility of managing Sequoia's existing investments and deploying the remaining $2.5 billion in uninvested capital. This strategic move serves as a testament to Sequoia Capital's continued interest in the untapped potential of the region, notwithstanding the challenges faced by startups due to limited funding availability.

Sequoia Capital's stake sale and subsequent reorganization occur during a time when numerous startups in India are grappling with funding constraints and overinflated expectations. The actions taken by Sequoia Capital are poised to exert a broader impact on investor sentiment and valuations within the Indian startup ecosystem. It is conceivable that other venture capital firms may reevaluate their strategies and portfolio compositions, consequently leading to further shifts in market dynamics. It is imperative for startups to adapt to the evolving investment landscape and concentrate on fostering sustainable growth to attract the necessary funding.

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