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Uber Accelerates Sustainable Mobility with EV Partnerships in India

Uber Drives Forward with 25,000 Electric Vehicles on Its Platform Across Top Indian Cities

25 May 2023


Kunal Tyagi

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  • Uber partners with EV manufacturers and fleet providers in India to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility.

  • The company plans to deploy 25,000 electric cars and 10,000 electric two-wheelers in India through its partnerships.

  • Uber collaborates with SIDBI for EV financing and teams up with Jio-bp and GMR Green Energy to strengthen EV charging infrastructure.

Uber, the popular ride-hailing app, has announced a series of partnerships with electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers and other entities in India to accelerate the transition toward sustainable mobility. With a commitment to electrify every ride on its platform by 2040, Uber aims to lead the way in combating climate change and pollution through sustainable transportation. These strategic collaborations and initiatives will pave the path for a greener future in India's ride-sharing industry.

To achieve its goal of electrification, Uber has expanded its partnerships with EV fleet providers, including Lithium Urban Technologies, Everest Fleet Pvt Ltd, and Moove. Over the next two years, Uber plans to deploy 25,000 electric cars on its platform in India through these partnerships. Additionally, the company has joined forces with Zypp Electric to introduce 10,000 EV two-wheelers in Delhi by 2024. These partnerships will facilitate the transition to electric mobility and significantly reduce emissions.

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Recognizing the economic challenges faced by drivers in adopting electric vehicles, Uber has partnered with the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) to unlock Rs 1,000 crore in EV financing. This initiative will help drivers acquire environmentally friendly vehicles, including those running on clean fuels such as CNG. By easing the financial burden, Uber aims to support drivers in transitioning to electric vehicles and drive the sustainable transformation of India's ride-sharing industry.

Uber has also entered into collaborations to strengthen the charging infrastructure for EVs. Through its partnership with Jio-bp, Uber will leverage the global mobility agreement with BP to provide drivers on its platform access to charging networks. Additionally, Uber has signed an MoU with GMR Green Energy to develop charging facilities. These collaborations will ensure that drivers have convenient and reliable access to charging infrastructure, further boosting the adoption of electric mobility.

In line with its sustainability efforts, Uber will launch Uber Green in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru in June 2023. Uber Green enables passengers to request all-electric, zero-tailpipe emission vehicles instead of traditional fossil-fueled cars. With this introduction, Uber brings an on-demand EV experience to India, supporting no or low-emission rides. Uber Green is already available in over 100 cities across 15 countries, making it the most widely accessible on-demand mobility solution for sustainable transportation.

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